Ode to Lasagne

“Where there is love there is life.” Mahatma Gandhi

Bitchin' Food

A ballad of heartfelt devotion to that sweetest of culinary delights to grace our taste buds.

Oh lasagne lasagne,

How can I describe ya?

May your cheese be overflowing,

May your sauce be mind-blowing,

You fill me up when I am empty,

And bring joy to all a’plenty;

When on the table you appear

All present will surely shed a tear

But fear not! For these are tears of mirth

For you are without doubt heaven on earth.


Oh Lasagne lasagne,

You must know I’m mad for ya.

Tomato sauce and mozerella,

Béarnaise sauce and some cracked black pepper;

So give me mince and give me basil,

Give me prosciutto and my mind will frazzle

With just how delicious you really are

When it comes to pasta dishes you raise the bar.


Image sources: Romeo and Juliet, Lasagne


Rob Norris
Resident Lasagna Enthusiast