Food on Two Wheels

What I eat when riding my bike

Bitchin' food

Our resident cycling enthusiast Charlie shares his secrets to staying full and happy on the road

We’re all lovers of food here at Bitchin’ Kitchen and that doesn’t stop when exercising. Riding your bike far and/or fast requires some thought in the gastronomic department. My philosophy is it should still give you that warm fuzzy feeling whilst consuming it whilst providing you with the fuel you need to keep going.

Here’s a short list of what I eat and why with a couple of things to avoid!


Clif Bar

Oh the Clif bar, how do I love thee. You are simple, tasty, full of the right stuff and it’s not like trying to eat 15 cream crackers which give you eventual jaw ache and a mouth as dry as my uncle’s sense of humour. Seriously, that’s a problem when you’re riding, especially on a hot day.


A Banana

The humble banana… Never underestimate the power of the long yellow fruit. It’s a little bit awkward sticking out of the back of your jersey but it packs a punch nutritionally and always gives me a little boost. Eat them early on in the ride or they end up more bruised than my pride when I fail to unclip from my pedals at traffic lights.



Now this one is when the going gets tough. You’ve put in the miles but you’re still a way from the comfort of your sofa. I use these for those moments, when you need a sweet pick-me-up to get you those last few miles home. Don’t gorge on them though as you might end up feeling a little bit woozy.


Rice Cakes

Now things get a bit more technical here. Rice cakes (not your chocolate coated kind) are essentially little balls of sushi rice, usually containing savoury or sweet things inside. From nuts to jam, they’re easy to consume without having to stop riding and are just so damn tasty. One downside; you can’t generally buy them off the shelf so have to make them at home. This may not be a downside depending on how good your cooking skills are.



A more natural alternative to Haribo. These suckers pack some punch in the carb department, mostly in the form of sugars. A great pick me up but be careful of those stones, no one wants to give you a Heimlich manoeuvre whilst dressed in lycra.

Here’s a handful of munchies. What are yours?


Charnah Bradley
Resident Billtong Supplier