Lemonaid: Delicious and Sustainable Drinks

Lemonaid & ChariTea drinks

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“We want to change the world drink by drink.” Now that’s a mission statement that got us curious! The punny names weren't lost on us, either.

The Lemonaid & ChariTea project was born from a desire to create great products while making a positive impact. One winter day of 2008 three friends from Hamburg quit their day jobs and embarked on this journey, “like the Beatles” they say.


“One day the lightbulb went on. What if, instead of making lemonade for pocket money, like those children, we make it for a good cause?”

The result?

“The new social drinking”

Every purchase from their delicious ranges of organic and fairtrade drinks funds social projects through the Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation.


It’s a virtuous cycle of doing good. Ingredients are bought directly from socially sustainable small-scale farming cooperatives. Awesome looking and great tasting drinks are brewed in Germany and they all fund social projects in developing regions to support social, economic and ecological structures. So far they have raised over £1 million.


In a world of exploitation, inequality, child labour and mass production, it is important to support these smaller initiatives more than ever. It definitely helps that The Studio designed a beautiful brand and packaging, making conscious consumption cool!


“More and more consumers care about the impact their lifestyle has on people living on the other side of the world and want to make a positive contribution through conscious consumption. We are giving them the chance to do so, drink by drink.” – Julian Warowioff, Managing Director UK of Lemonaid


The strategy behind the brand was to make the bottles stand out on the shelf next to all other plastic bottles. This was achieved with an iconic and bold look which impressed so many people that it is now a drink of choice for many consumers. We love that there is no specific front side of the bottle – it is a 360° label. When aligned on a shelf together the bottles spell out the brand (see photo above). Additionally, the bottles have a unique size and shape reminiscent of a medicine bottle that reinforces the symbolism. The bottles fit nicely in the hand and of course they show off the cross mark, an international symbol for aid.


Charnah Bradley
Resident Billtong Supplier