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F*ck that’s Delicious by Action Bronson – Price £15.00


F*ck that’s a good present - The perfect gift for a design and food lover

This book isn’t just a cookbook and nor is it an out and out biography. To call it either one would be to put it in a box in which its simply doesn’t fit. This book is an introduction into the crazy, gastronomic, lyrical and genius mind of the big man himself, Bam Bam, Bronsolino, The Flushing Grizzly, Ill Prosciutto, the Body…etc etc or simply Action Bronson as most people know him.

These pages combine in perfect harmony retellings of Bronson’s escapades at home and abroad, each one more full of character and funny anecdotes than the last (much like the man himself). With more than 40 mouth-watering recipes he has picked up throughout his colourful life, ranging from childhood favourites like the best bagels in his native Queens to jerk chicken in Jamaica to five star restaurants with world renowned chefs.

On the visual side the book is beautifully designed, packed full of atmospheric photography which really brings the food to life, so much so you can almost taste it. Alongside brilliantly executed and hilarious illustrations. A perfect example is page 76 with a recipe titled “the chicken of all f*cking chickens” accompanied by without a doubt the most badass illustration you’ll ever see in a recipe.

It’s a perfect microcosm of the man himself, completely distinctive, doesn’t take itself too seriously and absolutely full of juicy stories and food! All in all ‘F*ck that’s Delicious’ is a must buy not just for fans of Bronson himself but for any fans of good food and design (as I assume you all are!).


Rob Norris
Resident Lasagna Enthusiast