by Daniel Farò

Bitchin' Design

A beautifully designed cookbook celebrating the diverse seasons through baking.

Daniel encourages people to eat more seasonal ingredients in his minimalist, aesthetically pleasing cookbook. He says:

“The taste, the smell, the colours and the flavours are genuine and much more delectable when the food is bought seasonally.”

“Chocolate. Orange. Cinnamon. Strawberries. There are no words to describe the smell of the cake that comes out of the oven. Infuse your home with flavours. Take a dive. Eat a slice. Make a break.”

What caught our eye was the beautiful photography – we really get an impression that the ingredients are celebrated through the meticulous compositions. We also love the way the backdrop changes through the seasons, capturing the passage of time through ingredients and colours.

“This cookbook should be considered as a guide to be creative, spend pleasing hours and make yourself and others happy!”

And happy we are.


Charnah Bradley
Resident Billtong Supplier