Marmalade Pantry

by Bravo


"Hearty yet healthy, with a fresh finish." The ultimate destination for busy Singaporeans craving comfort and warmth, re-invented by branding whizz-kids Bravo.

Here is a summary of some beautiful work from Bravo for The Marmalade Pantry – a bistro based in Singapore.

What Bravo say:

Founded in 1999, The Marmalade Pantry has set the pace and kept the buzz for modern bistro cuisine since opening its famed frosted-plated glass doors.

We were tasked to reinvent the brand for a new audience to coincide with the opening of a new outlet at Oasia Hotel Downtown, Singapore. We invigorated The Marmalade Pantry brand from the ground up with a new trademark, a fresh hue and garnished it with some olives. Enjoy.

With soft pastel colours, textured paper stock and charming illustrations, the execution has a contemporary feel. We’re a big fan of the colour combination being subtle yet memorable.

The uniforms look utilitarian which really suits the feel of the simple interior, with colours neatly matching the print collateral. A big thumbs up from us; now we just need to visit!

Thanks to Bravo for the chat and images!


Charnah Bradley
Resident Billtong Supplier