LEON was created in 2004 with the ambition to launch Naturally Fast Food. They have since excelled and now have 41 restaurants in the UK and Amsterdam.

Born from the question ‘why can’t fast food be good food?’ LEON is determined to make it easy for people to eat and live well! With a passion for all things natural – all of their food is served in brown recyclable packaging and their interiors made from natural materials – LEON strive for their entire brand, from food to interiors, to encapsulate all things joyous, artisan and timeless.


Even though each LEON is designed to fit its location, there are recurring features throughout all of the restaurants that contribute to the brand’s authenticity and identity. Look out for the classic brand imagery on the walls including the ‘LEON Ladies’ and their ‘Hand holding the orange’ which is said to signify that our food is a gift, straight from nature.


With design and brand at the heart of the business, LEON has been able to launch its first cookware range, as well as creating their own coffee story, the ‘Thoughtful Coffee’ project – who doesn’t want to save the rainforest whilst chugging their 2nd (*5th) coffee of the day?!


Charnah Bradley
Resident Billtong Supplier