by Cadena Asociados

Bitchin' Design

EL MORO was founded in Mexico City in 1935 and is said to offer the best hot chocolate and churros. We fell in love with the bold visual design.

El MORO has been one of the most popular images of daily life in Mexico City since 1935, enthralling different audiences due to its unrepeatable authenticity and rich flavor which offers the best hot chocolate and churros in the country’s capital.”

The new graphic system is inspired by the Golden Age in Mexico when the Art Deco style dominated the country. The visual language creates a figurative relationship between elements and proposes a simplification in form, taking elements to their minimalist expression in order to retain its essence but with a fresher and dynamic form as described by the designers Cadena Asociados.

The new visual language has an endless composition possibility due to the beautifully designed tiles, creating a strong and identifiable brand identity, communication, architecture and interior design.

“The chromatic palette, born from the unmistakeable mosaics that gave the brand its personality are contrasted with a white hue inspired by sugar.”


Charnah Bradley
Resident Billtong Supplier