Bionic Brew

by Helms Workshop

Bitchin' Design

Helms Workshop have produced an eye-catching and irresistible brand identity for the unique Chinese brewery: Bionic Brew.

Shenzhen, a border town in Hong Kong is home to burgeoning young craft beer scene, fuelled largely by expats tired with mass produced grog. One such American Joe Finkenbinder founded  the area’s first craft brewery: the distinctively packaged “Bionic Brew.”

Fighting obstacles along the way (including police intervention after noise complaints and the suspicion aroused by foreigners congregating in large groups), the tenacious band of brewers grew from gypsy (nomadic) brewing and pop-up bars to a proper brew house and tap rooms. Now regarded as pioneers in a growing market, the brewery charged Helms Workshop with the task of imbuing their renegade spirit with a strong brand identity.

Mining ancient Chinese folklore, they discovered the story of The Gold Rabbit. Tethered to the moon, the mythical figure spends its days brewing the elixir of life. That care in craft, electrified by the spirit of the Bionic Brew team sparked a powerful symbol for the brand. Flanking plum blossoms nod towards endurance through hardship.

Growing and sustaining a craft brewery in China is no small feat, but Bionic Brew is thriving. As the fastest-growing craft brewery in the region, their increasing popularity means a new, diverse audience. To supercharge that growth Helms Workshop worked with the team in Shenzhen to build a versatile, arresting packaging system that speaks to both a Chinese and English-language audience.

Let’s hope that growth allows them to one day export and for it to wash up on our shores!


Chris Jeeves
Bitchin’ Kitchen in house beer enthusiast