We love food and design

We’re ckd

About Us

We are a design team based in Shoreditch who have a love for food and design. We have channelled this passion into creating Bitchin' Kitchen!

We love food

We are avid foodies, most of our everday lunch talks are about food, whether it be what we’ve brought in for lunch or a really cool restaurant we went to the night before! This is a space for us to share our thoughts.

We love design

We’ve been around for over 25 years, and have an unconditional love for design. We admire it and use it for inspiration, so we thought this is a great place to share and inspire others.

Come say hello

We’re located under Hitchcock’s head! Which is close to Old Street station.

Carr Kamasa Design
The Podium
Gainsborough Studios
1 Poole Street
London N1 5EB